Black Octopus Coven

hopefully sonny will find his glow worm soon

hows about that skrilly lately

Anonymous: what is your theme called? or did you make it yourself?

I honestly don’t remember the source. Sorry about that 

ffffffnnnnfndsdkfforb-deactivat: you post all the best things. stay stay stay <3 ;o)

Anonymous: Does anyone know if Sonny is bulimic? I was at one of the afterparties he was at a couple of days ago in-between eating he kept getting up to go to the bathroom. And throughout that whole time he hardly talked to anyone around him. I'm not trying to assume but I just heard rumors about that.

I hate these questions because I don’t know how to answer them.

Anonymous: miss you too and love yOU!


fuckyeahsonnymoore: i miss you :'(

Oh my god xoxoxo

ffffffnnnnfndsdkfforb-deactivat: oh thank god youre back i thought you'd stopped being on tumblr and i was worried. be here always skrillex blogs are making me sad

This makes me want to try even harder to return but I can’t find the time kill me :o(

skrillylily-deactivated20111019: Like always. Love you, Miss you. Favorite blog forever. <3

God I feel so bad when I come back :o( miss you too.